We are a small in-home cattery, located in North Central
Ohio, raising beautiful Bengal cats and kittens available
to breeders or loving pet homes.  Our kittens are raised
with lots of love and attention and are used to being
around both children and other pets.  Our goal in
breeding Bengal cats is to raise healthy, happy kittens
that meet both the standard and improve the Bengal line.
To see our current available kittens, please click on the
AVAILABLE KITTENS tab above.  If you are interested in
one of the kittens on our website, please send me an email
or call to check pricing and availability.

Our kittens are individually evaluated and priced
accordingly.  Please note that if an available kitten's quality
improves as it grows, the price can go up at any time until it
is sold.

Quality Bengals are not inexpensive and in general, you will
get what you pay for.  You may find some Bengals priced
very low, but they will not have the vivid markings and
colors of a higher quality Bengal.  Those markings are the
very reason many of us have fallen in love with the breed to
begin with.
Generally, our kittens are ready for their new homes at
about 12 weeks of age.  By 12 weeks, they will be
weaned,litter trained and ready to bond with their new
family. Each kitten goes home with a goody bag filled with
toys, kitten care guide and current food they are eating.

All kittens are sold with a pet or breeder contract.  All
kittens sold to pet homes must be spayed/neutered as per
the contract.  All kittens are guaranteed healthy upon sale
and require a vet check within 72 hours.  Our kittens are
sold to approved homes only.
Bengal Glitz
Bengal kittens can have
dark black spots
spots that bloom into
unique patterns and designs
beautiful marble patterns
and more!  Bengals come in
a myriad of colors including
brown, silver and snow and
each has distinct and
unique markings.
Moving the breed forward!
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Our kittens are raised
around our adult German
Shepherd Sky and our
new puppy Nikki.